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  • How Does My Website Look on Mobile Devices? | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    as a subdomain of the main website for example m mysite com or mobile mysite com When the non mobile site is visited from a smartphone or tablet it redirects the user to the mobile version If you need to create a mobile version of the website find out how you can redirect the main website mysite com to the mobile version m mysite com It is highly recommended that the mobile versions have the content of the websites compressed before it is practically seen by visitors This will speed up the website loading on the mobile device Content compression through the mod deflate module is supported for the SuperPro и SuperHosting plans and all services for servers Find out how you can activate the module in cPanel 2 The second option one for all and all for one The latest web design trend is creating a compact and mobile friendly website A single website without a second mobile version This website has a responsive web design and is displayed great on any devices resolutions and screens Responsive web design or adaptive web design is a type of web design that makes the website seen with equally good quality when loaded from any type of device desktop or mobile The website s layout adapts to the visitor s screen resolution The design elements are arranged in a way that makes everything accessible and easy to find Thus there is no need for the website to be resized or moved around the screen manually Using a mobile friendly website is very fast easy and efficient According to Google research after accessing a mobile friendly site 74 of the users confirm that they are likely to visit it again and 67 are more likely to buy a product or service Here is an example of how a mobile friendly website with a responsive design is displayed on different mobile devices Unlike when using desktop computers mobile device users most often search for a business or service close to their location Every third search is performed on a mobile device After searching on a mobile device 61 of the users are calling the contact numbers on the website and 59 go straight to the place they found on the web The users need to find the necessary information in the quickest and easiest possible way no matter where they are in the office in front of the TV in the bathroom or outdoors When they bump into a website that is not mobile friendly users are likely to give up looking through it Instead they will go to the next search result How To Create a Mobile Website With Responsive Design If you already have a website and you are using a user friendly content management system like WordPress Joomla or another one you can make the website mobile friendly with an appropriate theme Directory with WordPress themes and option for a advanced search There are also WordPress plugins which can help you

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  • What is jQuery and What Is It Used For? | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    Ajax can handle a web document with the most basic HTML elements Web page elements such as registration forms radio buttons and sliders are now available for touchscreen devices It is possible to select a single checkbox without zooming the page in order to tick the desired field Responsive adaptive design All of the website elements like tables and texts are designed in a flexible way so that they are perfectly displayed on different mobile device resolutions Examples for jQuery Mobile elements Transition effects http view jquerymobile com master demos transitions Forms fields menus radio buttons etc http view jquerymobile com master demos forms gallery Mobile design themes http view jquerymobile com master demos theme classic jQuery and the other JavaScript libraries There are many other libraries such as MooTools Prototype Ext Core jsPHP WinJS When it comes to website designing jQuery stands out among many other web technologies and JavaScript libraries The percentage of websites around the web which are using this library is huge According to statistics jQuery is the most preferred library over all the other ones in a considerable number of websites Some of the biggest websites using jQuery are Microsoft com Amazon com Mail ru Tumblr com Yandex ru MediaWiki org Some of the jQuery advantages when compared to the other Javascript libraries It is easy to use it achieves more functionality with less coding it is a large library which performs a lot of functions it has thousands of ready plugins and profound help information it supports Ajax etc How to use jQuery The library is practically one js file which can be downloaded from jQuery http jquery com website and saved in the web project folder Then it has to be embedded in the website code lt head gt lt script type text javascript src jquery min js gt lt script gt lt head gt 1 2 3 lt head gt lt script type text javascript src jquery min js gt lt script gt lt head gt Or it can be directly embedded in the website with a js file link You can see the link here https developers google com speed libraries devguide jquery lt head gt lt script src ajax googleapis com ajax libs jquery 1 11 0 jquery min js gt lt script gt lt head gt 1 2 3 lt head gt lt script src ajax googleapis com ajax libs jquery 1 11 0 jquery min js gt lt script gt lt head gt How jQuery works http learn jquery com about jquery how jquery works If you are now starting to use jQuery do not miss the interactive game tutorial on http try jquery com jQuery Plugins The plugins expand the options of the jQuery library There are plugins developed by the jQuery team or by other independent developers With those plugins you can add different features and extras to your website or parts of it Some of the most popular features are forms animations image sliders responsive

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  • 4 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Spam Emails and 10 Tips on How to Protect Yourself | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    address name Users using domains registered at least few years ago most probably have received a lot of spam emails at some point Spammers are sending a huge amount of spam to randomly generated email addresses Thousands of records for rejected similar spam emails to not existing mailboxes can be seen for a day hour in the mail server logs 10 tips on how to protect yourself and reduce the quantity of spam emails 1 If you recognize a sender as a website on which you have requested to receive news or a newsletter you should look for an option to unsubscribe 2 Use different email addresses for the different types of websites you sign up into Different email address for websites where the email address is accessible to anyone For example on websites for online purchases news announcements forums etc Keep one email that you will use for important correspondence only If you need an email address to serve you only for registration into a website and you do not intend to use it further you may look up the email addresses for single use existing in the websites such as http mailinator com 3 Protect mask the email address you provide for feedback on the web Although spambots most probably have already been trained to recognize some simple protection methods you can enter the email to be displayed on the web this way info at mysitename com or upload it on your website as an image If you have access to the source code of your website you can use JavaScript to generate and display the email address Here is a very simple example of dynamic email address generation using JavaScript script type text JavaScript document write info domain com script 4 Enable spam protection in the email client software you use 5 Scan your computer for malware Most of the spam emails on the Internet are not sent directly by spammers but by computers compromised with malware that are linked under the name botnet the word botnet is a combination of the words robot and network When it comes to sending millions of spam emails for a short period of time spammers would use their botnet network instead of a single mail server Infected computers are also called zombiesand they are involuntary spam senders This activity remains hidden to the owner of such a computer whether it is at their home office or mall workstation 6 Do not respond to spam emails even with a request for Unsubscribing Delete etc unless you are willing to get more spam 7 Do not click on the links images in spam emai Disable the display of images scripts and HTML in the emails received When you open an email containing an image or other element other than text your email client or web browser loads downloads that element from the sender s server In this way they will be able to see your IP address operating system and browser you

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  • CPU time?! Performance Statistics and Optimization! | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    of images The CPU time statistics as we mentioned above contains calculations about the time required for scripts processing by the hosting account in this case php scripts while the time necessary for serving static content is not accounted for An example of dynamic image processing would be a picture visualized in a way similar to this one http domain com image php path image jpg To display the image the script is invoked every time Sites however usually do not contain just one image For example if a webpage contains 5 images the script would be invoked 5 times and that is just for one user upon one page loading The website however does not have just one user and the page is not being loaded just once That leads to the execution of the same script over and over which leads to a non optimal increase of the resources used Serving static content consists in invoking the picture directly without using a script http domain com image jpg Often times most CMSs use scripts for dynamic resizing and images serving such as phpthumb timthumb and others As the site grows such scripts start spending resources in a non optimal way and an apt solution would be to serve them as static content deployment of PHP chat live chat ShoutBOX statistical modules Such apps generate many hits to the web server often every second so that the information may be transmitted in real time That also leads to a great increase in the resources spent unnecessary fetching hits on a large quantity of elements images per webpage missing elements deployed system for ads management PhpAdsNew OpenAds and others The automatic hits on certain elements or pages leads to unnecessary hits to the web server The missing elements on the site can also increase the resources if for example the 404 error is processed by PHP An apt way of processing 404 errors is the use of SSI The ads management systems also use php scripts for content visualization and upon increase in the number of hits the CPU time usage also often increases multiple visits and indexing by search engine crawlers Based on our experience we ve seen that bots are sometimes very aggressive upon site indexing If you notice an increased indexing by bots you can block them temporarily with the htaccess file or decrease the frequency of site crawling You can do that through the Crawl Delay function in the robots txt file The conclusion or our advice We recommend that you always work towards apps optimization Apart from decreasing the server resources used that way you will also speed up your websites operation By avoiding the above mentioned Common reasons for increased CPU usage as early as the development stage of your website you will avoid many technical issues manifested both during peak overload and when it comes to sites with more visits Still the optimization alone is not always enough There comes a time when

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  • News And Events | SuperHosting.BG Blog - Part 2
    want to take part in the season s coolest IT event Do you enjoy the thought of acquiring knowledge developing more skills and meeting others like you Last but not least with so many shared interests how do you feel about finding some more true friends If the answer to all these questions is YES then come and visit SUPERsummer Academy 2015 The Summer Is Here and Brings New Changes In Our Website And Even More 16 July 2015 0 Comments We decided using the beginning of summer to put things in order since we have been postponing this for a long time Throughout the years we have been trying to give to you our customers more and more Our services improved our hosting plans grew in number together with their additional functionalities New with Shopiko Now you can order online SuperFast and SuperEasy 11 June 2015 0 Comments The Shopiko platform continues to get new features and improvements After finishing the RSS feed module and the Econt Express integration we added the Aurasel module and increased the security level in the system but our constant struggle for making your life better could not simply stop As we are strictly following the trends of websites becoming more user friendly for mobile devices we realized that the moment to optimize the online order process has come For our customers convenience we relaunched the design and made it fully responsive Furthermore we have added several new features which we hope you would like Progress In Online Sales Infographics 24 February 2015 0 Comments Have you ever thought how often you buy things online And do you know how e commerce is developing across Bulgaria and Europe In the past year e commerce shows significant development once again Expectations predict that the rise

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  • News And Events | SuperHosting.BG Blog - Part 3
    your website 5 News and events 15 Support tips 10 Technologies 15 Recent Posts cPanel With a New Layout And Various Features 18 February 2016 10 Free Tickets for Bulgaria Web Summit 2016 10 February 2016 Your WordPress Website The Magical Power of Plugins 5 February 2016 Your WordPress Website First Steps After a Fresh Install 22 January 2016 Online store with Shopiko one year later infographic 15 January 2016 Recent Comments Archive Archive Select Month February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 September 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 May 2013 November 2011 Useful articles from our help page I ve Initiated a Domain Transfer through My Customer Profile What s Next Paper Lantern The New Main cPanel Theme WordPress Widgets How to Create Posts in WordPress How to Create Menus in WordPress Most read We are celebrating our 10th anniversary Did you know how many presents we have given away Infographics Data recovery with Backup Manager by SuperHosting Progress In Online Sales Infographics What is a DNS And What is Important to Know About it Part 1 SuperHosting

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  • General Settings in W3 Total Cache (Part 2) | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    XML From the options in HTML minify settings check Inline CSS minification and Inline JS minification These two options will minify CSS and JavaScript code that is available directly in the source code and not in a separate file JS In the JS minify settings there are options for JavaScript code processing that are applied to the respective areas of HTML document Before head before the closing tag head After body after opening body tag and Before body before the closing body tag Minify js file minification and combination will also be applied Combine only js file combination will only be applied without code minification Embed type Several manners to embed js code blocking Default or non blocking The type of js embedding is very important for correct visualization At first test with Non blocking using async and in case of incorrect loading try with each of the remaining types In JS file management you may select js files of the theme selected that will be minified and combined For each js file you may select the position in the HTML document where it will be embedded after the head tag after body or before body tag Depending on the theme and if you are not sure where exactly you may embed the js code without any problems test various positions CSS As with the js files in this section in CSS file management add all css files you would like to minfy The js and css files may be arrangement by drag and drop Minify wizard If you do not know which theme css and js files and plugins used are take a look at the top of the page containing Minify settings and from the Get minify hints using the wizard sentence click Help Minify wizard that will automatically display all css and js files of the theme and plugins will load After you check all or only certain files you may add them automatically by Apply close Minify setting testing After each change to settings clear the cached information on Page Cache and Minify Cache modules Then reload several pages to re generate a new cache and to see the results of the changes Browser Cache Browser Cache is used for keeping site information locally from user s web browser Web browser stores information such as images scripts pages animations etc for faster website loading This stored information is a copy of site original information and is stored locally on the computer hard disk Settings in Browser Cache you have to pay attention to The recommended options which you may enable for all CSS JS HTML elements images etc are Set Last Modified header Set expires header Set entity tag eTag and Enable HTTP gzip compression To use gzip compression at first you have to enable the mod deflate module in cPanel from the Optimize Website menu Note The mod deflate module is offered with the SuperPro and SuperHosting plans Cached information statistics by modules Information on

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  • First steps in Secure Shell (SSH) | SuperHosting.BG Blog
    and configuration than the graphic interface This is due to the fact that not all commands and actions in the system can be present in the graphic interface The shell is mainly used by sysadmins for system configuration and management As we already mentioned not all of the commands are available in the graphical control panel For that reason the text shell remains the main tool for full control and system management Here are a few of the actions you can perform when you have SSH access Using Git client in the hosting account Working with MySQL databases CMS management WordPress Drupal Checking the running processes Compression and archiving of files and directories Important The VPS and CloudVPS services provide you with the root user The root gives you full access to the shell for server management purposes and besides the above mentioned actions you can also install and configure server applications change any system settings and many more If SSH access to the shared hosting account is required the cPanel user is used as this is not the main admin system user What are the existing SSH clients You can choose between different software solutions or SSH clients in accordance with the operating system you are using on your computer Normally Linux users can directly go through the system terminal to connect with a remote server via SSH For example by using the command ssh user vps ip address p vps port Windows users however will need to additionally install a SSH client application One of the most popular SSH clients for Windows is PuTTY If you need to access more than one server via SSH you can use tabs for the different SSH sessions try MTPuTTY First encounter with the terminal We highly recommend you not to fear the unknown and just give it a try All of the commands you can use in the terminal can be found online for example on the Linux commands website Here are a few simple commands which might help you get oriented in the scary black window pwd shows your current directory You might easily get lost while working with the terminal and changing directories too often With this command you will display the name and full path to the directory you are working in ls al shows the current directory content This command is similar to the dir command in MS DOS The l and a options are added to ls as with them the list will contain further information and will display file names beginning with a dot mkdir creating a new directory You can create a new directory with this command For example mkdir name of the directory will create e new directory named name of the directory Tip from the Support SSH access to the hosting account or virtual server is one of the most secure connections possible compared to FTP and web access For even bigger security we recommend that you access your hosting account using

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