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  • Pecan
    selenium potassium One of the best sources of easily digestible proteins American scientists have discovered that this type of walnut contains a special form of vitamin E which protects body from infections Unlike other nuts pecan nuts have a delicate texture that makes them easy to digest They have ability to reduce high cholesterol by reducing levels of bad cholesterol and potassium and magnesium in them make them irreplaceable for

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  • Plums
    A vitamins B1 B2 B6 PP C E Dried plums fully retain their healthy substances composition which is the same as in fresh fruit They are richer in sugars and organic acids One of the best sources of rutin the so called vitamin P Plums help the body get rid of bad cholesterol They are a healthy food with less calories Nutritional value Nutrition facts for 100 g Energy 240

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  • Flax seeds
    of satiety Flax seeds contain about 30 protein 15 carbohydrates they are rich in vitamin E and vitamin A It also contains about 10 mucilage The best source of omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body It contains also omega 6 fatty acids vitamins A E C B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B9 calcium magnesium phosphorus potassium zinc iron Flax has lignans which are

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  • Cherry
    importance for immunity They contain quercetin a strong anti inflammatory pain reliever Sweet fruits derive toxins and enrich with iron when there is anemia Often eaten they reduce weight cholesterol and high blood pressure Cherries are a rich natural source of ellagic acid which has anti cancer properties and of vitamin C provitamin A B vitamins vitamin P iron potassium sodium magnesium calcium and phosphorus They activate the metabolic processes

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  • Hazelnuts
    and C which are strong antioxidant These nuts are high in folic acid which contributes to the proliferation of cells They improve heart function and reduce levels of bad cholesterol 88 of the nut fat is unsaturated hazelnuts There is almost no carbohydrates in them and the amount of fat is small Therefore according to nutritionists they are extremely suitable for diets Nuts are rich in manganese a substance involved

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  • Macadamia nuts
    acids which reduces levels of bad cholesterol in blood This is healthy for heart memory and appearance because of the content of B group vitamins and nicotinic acid as well as phosphorus potassium sodium selenium iron and calcium Macadamia oil contains approximately 22 omega 7 palmitic acid with a well expressed antioxidant effect Specialists claim that it plays a key role in reducing the aging process of the cell Nutritional

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  • Blackcurrants
    little fruits contain a large amount of vitamins A B and C as well as potassium magnesium iron phosphorus zinc and even calcium These fruits contain up to three times more vitamin C than oranges The blackcurrant berries are also rich in essential fatty acids and tannin potassium salts and essential oil Pectin contained in blackcurrant helps in discharging of certain harmful substances accumulated in the body Nutritional value Nutrition

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  • Natural Apricot
    in combination with the organic acids in their ingredients frees the body of radionuclides and heavy metals Just a few apricots per day supply us with the necessary dose of beta carotene a powerful antioxidant that our body transforms into Vitamin A Contained therein vitamin E improves blood circulation Magnesium and phosphorus in apricots contribute to the active work of brain Apricots improve immunity Because of their beneficial characteristics apricots

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