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  • Blueberries
    iron They are the absolute leader in terms of manganese content Thanks to these substances blueberries help the cardiovascular system strengthen blood vessels vision strengthen the weakening of brain activity and delay aging Fruits of blueberries contain also sugars organic acids citric malic succinic etc tannins pectin fibers glycosides and coloring matter They have natural antibacterial properties and fight free radicals Blueberries enhance immunity and phytoncides in them destroy many

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  • Cranberry
    rich in micro elements minerals tannins and flavonoids essential fatty acids linoleic acid omega 6 alpha linoleic acid omega 3 carotenoids and phytosterols This kind of cranberries are one of the biggest and absolutely natural sources of vitamin C but also contain high quantities of vitamins A and E They are best known for their natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties due to the high content of anthocyanins They help

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  • Almonds
    the construction of bones muscles skin and blood Almonds have riboflavin and L carnitine in their composition which are proven to increase brain activity and reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer s disease Phosphorus in almonds helps to strengthen bones and teeth With its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids omega 9 almonds successfully lower cholesterol Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and reduces the risk of heart disease and the

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  • Raisin
    glucose and fructose harmless sugars for diabetics Raisins contain vitamins C P PP B1 and B2 carotene potassium calcium phosphorus magnesium manganese selenium organic acids Raisins are a major source of micromineral boron which helps to strengthen our bones They contain antioxidants and especially oleanolova acid They are rich in iron Regular consumption of raisins helps to combat fatigue and depression Nutritional value Nutrition facts for 100 g Energy 299

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  • Sunflower kernels
    in minerals such as phosphorus potassium and magnesium selenium zinc sodium silicon chromium copper cobalt iron In combination with high content of vitamins B1 B2 B3 E they become very good for health Sunflower seeds are full of vitamins C and E which are natural antioxidants Like other nuts they are also a very good source of protein Contained therein magnesium calms nerves muscles and blood vessels and the presence

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  • Millet seeds
    gluten and is very rich in vitamins A E B1 B2 PP It contains qualitative slowly degradable carbohydrates and high protein content Of the minerals best represented in its composition are silicon potassium magnesium manganese iron copper nickel zinc iodine and phosphorus Little grains are a champion in silicon content among all cereals The micronutrient is very important for mineral metabolism and immunity In millet there is a high content

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  • Our products : NICS apple, pecan and cinnamon
    and fiber and it has a good recovery effect INGREDIENTS honey 23 apples 15 cashew pecan 11 almonds dried plums apple syrup raisins puffed millet flax seeds cinnamon Sales price 2 60 лв Description Nutrition facts for 100 g for 40 g Energy 452 Kcal 181 Kcal 1884 kJ 754 kJ Fats 24 4 g 9 8 g of which saturates 3 5 g 1 4 g Carbohydrate 42 3

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  • Apple
    B2 P E A potassium iron manganese calcium lectins sugars organic acids There are a large number of microelements in them potassium phosphorus magnesium sodium sulfur aluminum boron vanadium iron iodine copper molybdenum nickel fluorine chromium and zinc Apples are with good nutritional properties and are used as a dietary product for eating disorders vitamin deficiency anemia and as a diuretic The biblical fruit has a good restorative effect and

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