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  • Forum tendra su proxima reuniСn en Ginebra los dМas 22 y 23 de Mayo proximos Antes el dМa 19 habra una consulta sobre el IGF Date set for global net body s first meeting A date has been set for the first meeting of the IGF Monday 30 October to Thursday 2 November in Athens Greece March 15 2006 UN Secretary General s response to CENTR Chairman s letter on

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  • the Net Net Neutrality is an international issue In some countries it is addressed better than others First World Information Society Day focuses on WSIS implementation news release Internet Governance and Regulation The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It May 4 2006 Tunisian Commitments Unfulfilled Following WSIS II news release tn Free Expression Still Under Siege us Tech Giants Internet Battles eu Commission seeks global partnership on Internet governance freedom of expression and the combat against cyber repression news release Internet Governance Forum Substantive Agenda Setting WSIS Civil Society Human Rights Caucus Contribution conference Information Society Governance Ethics and Social Consequences 22 23 May 2006 PDF Format of the same document The net fought the law and the law won Global Internet Task Force Meeting Focuses on Advancing Freedom on Web Intel Backs Net Neutrality May 2 2006 The Internet Governance and the Law The conference will be held from 25 27 April 2007 in the William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum and at the Clinton School of Public Service ec Commission seeks global partnership on Internet governance freedom of expression and the combat against cyber repression To keep up the momentum of the successful World

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  • Still Has Keys to ICANN From ZDNet From InfoWorld US Government On Internet Control ICANN Can Go IANA Is Ours Controle de l Internet les Etats Unis lachent du lest Gli USA cederanno il controllo di ICANN United States cedes control of the internet but what now July 27 2006 UN agencies to coordinate implementation plan for global Information Society Networking Standarts Watch Want to show the world what you re doing with the net IGF workshops provide your chance July 10 2006 ICANN is Still Unable to Control Internet Content African policy makers attending the on going training on Internet Governance at the United Nations Conference Center UNCC in Addis Ababa have been cautioned to think about content on the internet to resolve the governance of public policy Internet Governance Being Given Priority in Addis Ababa In planning for the IGF in Athens Africa s focus include issues of universal access security legislation freedom of expression multilingualism and local content infrastructure Intellectual Property Rights IPRs economic issues and social cultural issues uk us New moves to wrest internet from US Efforts to remove the US government s historical stranglehold on the internet will kick off again today Ministers MPs

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  • of Internet Governance by VIKTOR MAYER SCHOENBERGER MALTE ZIEWITZ Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Government KSG Working Paper New Governance and Legal Regulation Complementarity Rivalry or Transformation by DAVID M TRUBEK LOUISE G TRUBEK University of Wisconsin published Univ of Wisconsin Legal Studies Research Paper Domain name protection in Hong Kong flaws and proposals for reform by GRACE CHAN published International Journal of Law and Information Technology The

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  • Commentary Internet Governance Forum by Jeremy Malcolm us FTC Calls for Openness Accessibility in Whois Database System news release us Senators question com price increases http news com com 2100 7345 3 6117771 html http news zdnet com 2100 9588 22 6117771 html Registrar criticizes com contract IDG September 10 2006 Restrictions of Competition in Internet governance by FILOMENA CHIRICO Tilburg Law and Economics Center Commerce vs Commentary Gripe Sites

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  • Future Internet panel Balkanization looms La governance di internet passa ai privati http www areapress it vediarticolo asp id 14430 http www giornaletecnologico it news 200610 13 452e356f00224 Chi controllerп Internet October 11 2006 Internet privacy sacrificed by Icann by Michael Geist http news bbc co uk 2 hi technology 6036481 stm http michaelgeist ca content view 1474 159 http www circleid com posts icann sacrifices whois privacy independence Warning

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  • IGF Informal Summing up by the IGF Secretariat A glimpse inside the real IGF ITU admits it must change or die as it faces cash crunch reg req d Hamadoun TourИ is new Secretary General of the ITU November 8 2006 The UN launches the Internet Governance Forum in Athens The UN launches the Internet Governance Forum in Athens Globalization and Global Governance by Pascal Lamy End of the digital

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  • One Web Day - Bulgaria
    грешка моля опитайте отново Уеб за теб Пишете ни какво е Уеб за вас какви са най полезните и добри приложения на Мрежата как смятате да отпразнувате Денят на Уеб Очакваме историите ви до 23 септември и ние ще ги

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