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  • The Aquarium
    The Aquarium Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Dolphinarium
    constantly through a system of filters while the desinfection and purification are automatic The total volume of water in both pools is 1200 cubic metres every twenty four hours about 100 cubic metres being purified The installations including dosing filtering and ventilation devices are under the audience hall It is an amusing fact that all the pools and installations were constructed after the main holding structure The same month Varna meets its first dolphins Pipi Popi Reina and Split They all are Tursiops truncatus and were caught in Guatemalan waters Later new dolphins were brought and some were born in the dolphinarium Now Pipi Doli Kimbo and Yoana take part in the performances even though Pipi is in her 30s now and appearing rarely In 2001 is Yoana s debut she and Presi were born here The performances start with 3 to 4 a day later increased to 6 a day Since 1990 they are 3 a day because of the dolphins overture risk The first coach of our dolphins was the German Peter Bozeneker The dolphins have a six days working week Monday being their relaxation day This schedule has never been changed They receive their daily food at

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  • The TV Tower
    Varna an advantage taken into consideration for the building of the Varna retransmitting station Its building was supposed to finish in 1961 and it was expected to begin functioning the following year Its actual operation however started in September 1966 Preliminary testing activities stated that the signal was received in the nearby towns of Dobrich Provadiya and Kavarna All this cleared the way for the appearance of a TV set production industry in Bulgaria and meanwhile about 20 TV sets had already been brought to Varna Varna TV retransmitting station was built on the Franga plateau to the north of the cityat an elevation of 301 m The exact position of its antenna was chosen on the very edge of the plateau slope descending to the city Thus the transmitter could emit a very strong signal to the whole of the city as well as to its southern regions The TV tower complex consists of a 6 floor building and a metal tower on top of which the transmitting antennae are fixed A transmitting appliance is installed in the building and a radio relay hall can be found on its last floor Its technical equipment was imported from the German companies Siemens and Rohde Schwarz The tower reaches 52 m in height and its transmitting antennae consisted at first of 6 four dipole whole wave panels located on two floors The image capacity of the transmitter is 600 W and its sound capacity is 150 W The horizontal transmitting diagram has three maximums to the south west and north The TV programme for the region of Varna is received on 9th channel After 1970 a colour signal transmitter was also installed In 1976 a second antenna was built which transmitted the programmes of Radio Varna Horizon and Christo Botev Later

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  • Maps and picture material
    in a new window A satellite picture of Varna and its surroundings 70k Opens in a new window The picture is shot by SPOT 1 satellite and is published at a Belgian site It is shot by a special sensor that s why the earth does not appear in its natural colour The airport is noticeable and the blue rectangle in the middle of the town represents the old cemetery

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  • Statistic Data
    1890 25259 1892 28175 1896 33687 1905 37155 1910 41419 1920 50810 1926 60536 1934 69994 1946 76954 1956 120345 1965 186591 1975 257254 1985 308646 1990 314913 1991 316231 1993 307200 1995 301421 1999 296204 2001 313408 2010 350000

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  • Varna in prehistorical times
    the people from the primitive community Upon the poles were placed beams a base for the platform upon which two houses were constructed They were wooden covered with cane mud and straw A kind of wooden bridge was used for going down to the floor The house has an unusual disposition fireplace stone mill and pottery The presence of copper and straight stone instruments leads to the transition to the Stone copper Age With the time the house look improves the pottery becomes finer and the labour tools more complicated The animal bones and remnants from wheat plants discovered from this period provide information for the way of life of the people In the end of the Stone copper Age new tribes come from the north and settle down in the area They have more experience in animal breeding and agriculture and use pewter and bronze The local population is growing relations between neighbour tribes and further located nations are established The requirements for beauty and esthetic appearance of the objects clothes idols are getting more detailed and precise From this century dates also the Chalcolithic necropolis that was discovered in 1972 in the surroundings of Varna It is only meters from the northern coast of Varna lake the location of the West Industrial Zone nowadays It includes hundreds of graves in which the oldest hand designed gold in the world was found The decorations and objects found in the necropolis are descriptive about the high level of culture and aristocracy of the antic civilization on these lands In the middle of the IV millennium B C the ice melting raises the water level with a few meters and the area of the bay is abandoned the houses left and life gradually dies In the beginning of the III millennium

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  • Varna in ancient times
    by the Thracian ruler Sevt III In 313 B C Lysimachus put an end to these events attacking Odessos It was not until after his death in 281 B C when Odessos got back its autonomy The following era was famous with constructing new buildings and temples reestablishing trade connections forming relations with new Pontic Union Odessos Tomis Callatis Messambria and Apollonia This was just a protection measure against neighbour tribes and possible danger from Rome For long years Rome had been trying to conquer the areas south of the Danube River In 29 B C a reason was found and the leader of Macedonia Marcus Licinius Crassus conquered an enormous part of Moesia and Skytia Minor A year later Odessos was also under Roman authority In the beginning it was attached to the province of Macedonia and later in 15 B C it is included in the borders of the new province of Moesia The Roman politics towards Odessos was one of privileges sole administrative responsibility and trade freedom In the next quiet years from 2nd till mid 3rd century the city improved its infrastructure and constructed more solid fortress walls Another advantage was the larger area between them providing space for architects fantasies A gymnasium theatre many temples of Apollo Darzalas and other gods were built New roads leading to the city were constructed and the aqueduct brought water to the majestic Odessos thermae Another proof of the wealth was cutting of coins bearing the name of Odessos But a danger threatens the patriciuses The new religion Christianity became more popular amongst the poor citizens The promised equity and heaven bliss brought more supporters This trend increased the concerns of the Roman rulers In the first years the Christians prosecutions had been cruel but their faith was stronger

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  • Varna in middle ages
    Varna in middle ages Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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