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  • Drama Theater 'Stoyan Bachvarov'
    covered with weeds During the winter of 1920 the Municipal Council took decision to form a professional theatrical company The debates were emotional We do not want to earn money from theatre D Kondov city mayor It is a shame that Varna does not enjoy a theatre Kr Mirski On March 12th 1921 the company debuted with the performance The Instinct by Anry Kestmeker The day is acknowledged as a birth date of the theatre in Varna The enthusiasm is spreading among the society and the whole city population takes part in the restoration of the building In 1922 a citizen committee was formed the topic was in the newspapers and in 1928 the Municipal Council agreed to a 5 million leva loan Varna citizens had charity disposition stamps of the Building Varna Theatre could be bought with every bread movie ticket entertainment bath every municipal service even the Seaside garden chairs Thus more than a million leva were collected in a month The architects D Dabkov and J Bogdanov finished the building project So Finally thanks God After long 20 years contraventions the building of Varna Theatre was accomplished and magnificently open as Ivan Tserov remembers The same evening Hashove by Ivan Vasov was performed The first executive director is Stoyan Bachvarov after whom the theatre is named today Undoubtedly architect Lazarov used this architectural design in his strife to relate Varna to the large European cities The rounded Baroque facade is elaborately ornamented with decorative elements columns and sculptures The three entrance gates are a few steps over the grounds that used to be an element of magnificence for the theatre visitors too A lobby in the form of ellipse in style secession outside corridors lead to the hall The guests use the broad stairways to go to

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  • The Asparukhovo Bridge
    The Asparukhovo Bridge Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • Varna Lake
    water but shallow Devnya river Varna river which passed below the southern wall of Varna citadel After the construction of Varna Port the river was drained and in 1906 1909 a navigation canal was built through the sand strip dividing the lake and the sea As a result the water level lowered with approximately 1 40 m and sea water flowed to the lake Gradually marshy grounds alongside the lake dried up and turned into agricultural lands Later on in 1976 a new 12 m deep canal was constructed and the lake was dredged alongside its current The 2 canals connecting the lake to Varna bay increased the exchange of water through slow currents between the two water basins Those changes however have not influenced beneficially the total flow approximately 4 times its volume per year The lake water level is defined mainly by sea level fluctuations and partially by the flow of Provadiya and Devnya rivers Its temperature and salt content also depend to a great extent on the sea water flow On the surface layer temperature fluctuations are very wide and reach up to 25 C The average annual temperature there reaches 14 C and that of the bottom layer approximately 8 C Surface water salt regime is characterized by spring decrease due to Provadiya river rise in that season Salt increase in the summer and autumn months is caused by low river flow and lake water evaporation At certain times in summer winds could also bring about a considerable amount of sea water flow but due to its higher temperature it is of lower density and spreads over the colder and heavier deep lake waters Salt amount differs not only in vertical direction but also in the different lake areas that closer to the sea contains approximately

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  • The Canals
    The Canals Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Port of Varna
    The Port of Varna Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Transit Trade Zone - Varna
    Bulgaria was open Their purpose is to stimulate international trade through the forwarding and processing the goods without customs control without import being required In the period 1987 1990 seven duty free zones were formed Burgas Ruse Vidin Plovdiv Dragoman Svilengrad and Petrich In 1993 architect Dimitar Lilov s team researches the opportunities for creating a zone Varna Devnia In March 2001 the Bulgarian government establishes Transit Trade Zone Varna based on the reglamentations of the Customs Law and the growing flow of goods through Varna as well as the construction of transport corridors 4 8 9 and 10 Another factor is the ferry complex well developed infrastructure and other features of the area The establishing of the transit zone is also a part of the regional development strategy It is expected that the transit zone will lead to increased cargo transport and stimulated production in the region The transit zone will have area of 103 dk in the South Industrial Zone of the city on the island along Canal 2 and west from the Asparukhovo Bridge The construction process includes 3 stages The project involves building the infrastructure administrative buildings three warehouses total area 5700 sq m and 60

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  • Varna Airport
    day Asparukhovo Bridge in the place of the canal It occupied an area of approximately 1000 15000 decares and its facilities included an air shed and a workshop Flight directions were quite primitive at that time stones were holding down to the runway an enormous canvas in the form of the letter T for Tihina At daytime a person with signaling flags was guiding planes before their taking off and landing down and at nights people carrying wind resisting lanterns were marking the landing strip Obviously Tihina was not the right kind of airport for Varna Thus in 1946 a committee was elected to choose a site for a new one In December the committee came up with their decision the site chosen for the purpose was located several kilometers away to the west of the city close to the village of Aksakovo 1000 decares of land were expropriated for the project realization and the terrain was duly flattened and reinforced People must have been quite enthusiastic about that new facility for hundreds of volunteers had been working together with the constructors On 9th May 1948 the new airport of Varna was officially opened for exploitation The first aircraft from Sofia with its official guests on board landed on the aerodrome at 10 40 AM The flight took 2 hours and a half As was the case with Tihina airport the aircraft used for that occasion was of the same make namely Junkers 52 A couple of wooden cabins were appropriated for administrative needs technical maintenance and storehouses The number of the whole personnel was only 4 people the head of the department a wireless operator and two mechanics Construction works continued throughout the following years In 1961 a new concrete runway 2500m in length and 24 26 cm in thickness was ready for exploitation A light signaling system was also constructed there thus making night flights much easier In 1967 the stopping place was widened and 4 new tracks were built Meanwhile radiolocation and radionavigation equipment was installed The first survey locator AR1 was imported from England After 1996 TRAC VIEW 220 multi radar flight control system was introduced to the airport facilities On 25th September 1972 a new airport reception building started functioning It was designed by Transproject Co Sofia and consisted of three wings Administrative and Technical Department Domestic Lines and International Lines as well as a big parking lot outside the building The second storey of Domestic Lines wing hosts a 130 seat restaurant whereas duty free shops and currency shops can be found at the international terminal The bigger airplanes and the heavy traffic led to the necessity of thickening the runway path in 1974 The following year central heating facilities fire precaution depot and a pumping station were completed Taking into consideration the considerable flow of passengers and load as well as the greater expectations for the role of Varna airport in the overall development of the region a new general plan has been

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  • Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium
    stars and a special device can show the solar system as if seen from a distance of 5 billion km Foucault pendulum is suspended in the planetarium tower and it manifests rotation of the Earth around its axis In a small hall below visitors can watch the swinging of the pendulum In the first years following the building of the complex a comet finder was also installed on the observation platform During the autumn of 1998 the municipal council decides on reconstruction of the building of the planetarium Full substitutions of the thermo and hydro isolation as well as the water and power installation are planned The work is slowed down as some old plans are missing The reconstruction faces the fact that when built in the 60s not all construction norms were kept and now almost only the walls are left The expectations were that the renewed astronomy complex will meet the large number of visitors during the Sun eclipse in 1999 however financial difficulties delay the project for four years Finally on Aug 15th 2002 the renewed building of the Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus was founded This is a very important event for the Day of Varna and in the ceremony in which participants are the Prime minister Simeon Saks Coburg Gotha the city mayor and regional governor deputies businessmen and many citizens The new project suggests a slight change in the outlook of the observatory The general architecture plan is unchanged but the author of the project arch G Savakov brings modern nuances The top of the tower of Foucault now has the form of semi sphere open to the sky The Foucault s pendulum is at a higher level convenient for observation from visitors both in and outside the buildung For adaptation of vision before a tour

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