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  • The Seaside Garden
    The Seaside Garden Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Palace of Culture and Sports
    The Palace of Culture and Sports Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Festival and Congress Centre
    The Festival and Congress Centre Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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  • The Assumption Cathedral
    the new hamlet and the town of Varna At those days that was the end of the town The site chosen for the above mentioned temple is actually a very wide area which allows for a garden around the temple This area rises above the town and presents a good view over the entire town the railroad several villages the port and the Black Sea to a vast and boundless expanse No time was wasted and the building works started right away It took 6 years for the temple to be completed The project imitated the style of the Peterhoff temple in Petersburg The church was planned to reach the size of 35 x 35 metres with a three nave basilica the main altar dedicated to the Assumption the northern one to the faithful prince St Alexander Nevsky the southern to St Nicholas the Wonder Worker It was in the summertime when the question about the choice of expert master builders was discussed Negotiations with the most famous master Kolyu Fitcheto from Tarnovo proved not efficient and the direction of the construction works was temporarily assigned to the Varna master Vassil Ivanov Finally after a long search for an appropriate architect the choice fell on master Yanko Kostandi whose works included also the building of St Nicholas Church On 15th March 1884 the committee assigned the construction to the prominent church builder Gencho Kanev from Tryavna The following year the temple was already erected in September the roofing was finished and on 30th August 1886 the first solemn mass was celebrated there However the design of its interior continued throughout the following years The bishop s stall was placed in 1897 later on the iconostasis was also ready Towards the end of 1890 the board decided that there is no

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  • Religious temples in Varna
    church St Nicholas orthodox church St Archangel Mikhail orthodox church St Paraskeva Petka orthodox church St Dimiter orthodox church St Ilia the Prophet orthodox church St Prince Boris оrthodox church The Assumption оrthodox church St Sarkis Armenian orthodox church Other

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  • The City Clock-Tower
    city park and the Cathedral formed the city centre boundaries of those times The same year Concordia theatre hall burnt out and another hall for meetings and theatre plays was planned to be built close by the tower In two years time the new clock tower and Saedinenie Union Hall were ready and officially opened to visitors Firemen used the tower since high buildings were still rare and from top of it they could watch over the entire city At daytime they used coloured flags to signalize for fire and at night signals were exchanged by lit lanterns Those fire prevention activities stopped in 1898 when the fire brigade was equipped with a telephone line The clockwork was purchased from England and the prominent revolutionary Oton Ivanov fixed it on the tower Though it remains unrevealed to people s glances the clockwork itself is a real masterpiece It is quite strange that contrary to traditions the name of the producing company was not inscribed on it The whole system is fitted in a big wooden box reached by a narrow winding staircase along the stone walls The dial plate in front is used to control the pace of the clock as well as to correct it Each fourth second a system of axles and gears transmits the motion to the clock hands on the tower outside Instead of springs used in contemporary clocks this clockwork mechanism is driven by weights suspended in the middle of the tower The winding up is performed by the help of a simple crank arm of a huge drum besides the main group of gear wheels which winds the string with the hanging weights Another axle transmits the motion to the bell knocker at the tower top Till 1930 the bell had been measuring hours

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  • Varna - The proto-Bulgarian village "Fanagoria"
    tent of the Khan the tent of the high priest tents of the crafts and others During the second term should be built an ancient Bulgarian fortress which has a mobile bridge an early Christian temple and a museum presenting that old time The village is being built by wooden material gathered after the forest of the region had burnt down natural disaster At its final stage the village is to be located on about 4 hectares The first stage of the project the proto Bulgarian village Fanagoria was finished and officially unveiled on July 14th 2002 The visitors can see the already completed Khan s tent and the tents of the high priest and the great boil as well as the four tents of the crafts pottery weaving saddlering blacksmith and armory mastery Also the guests could watch a performance presenting the life and military skills of the proto Bulgarians such as some old rituals authentic horse riding and so on The costumes in the play as well as the materials used for building the village are especially selected in order to create the vision of authenticity The scenario for the show is developed at the Bulgarian film studio

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  • The Museums
    The Museums Should any navigation problems arise click titles from this location

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