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  • News - The Big Prizes from The 2008 Mysterious Buyer Campaign - Fayans
    of the brand salesmen recommend some of Fayans newest solutions such as the Combo 3 Combo Mebel Plus washbasins Sfera shower trays and cabins they won additional prizes In the course of the campaign the company has launched some other new products such as the Geometry washbasins for which the same conditions of the promotion were applied Each store has been visited several times in the course of the promotion by different mysterious buyers Each time the retailer had the opportunity to win a prize on the spot and participate in the battle for the big prize Each salesman who had recommended Fayans products at any of the two stages of the campaign participated in the drawings of the stage prizes various value vouchers for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Each salesman who had recommended to a mysterious buyer products of Fayans for the whole period of the Mysterious Buyer Campaign had the opportunity to win the big prize for Fayans Salesman Of The Year and their stores to be announced for the Fayans Store Of The Year On October 31st 2008 the big prizes of the Fayans Mysterious Buyer Campaign 2008 have been drawn in the presence of a notary Fayans Store Of the Year is the warehouse of Promat Komers OOD in Stara Zagora The owner of the store is awarded an all inclusive tour for two abroad 8 days holiday in Egypt Kairo Hurghada Fayans Salesman of the Year is Galina Edreva from Oziris shop in Burgas She is awarded an all inclusive weekend for two in a resort in Bulgaria SPA Resort Katarino or Fayans bathroom equipment to the amount of 100 BGN to choose one of the two options Second Stage Winners in the 2008 Mysterious Buyer Campaign For recommending the Fayans brand

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  • News - Roca Bulgaria won a CSR award - Fayans
    Responsibility United Nations Development Program and Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association The competition was conducted in three stages and was audited by Deloitte Bulgaria who was the official observer of the contest and has developed the methodology and the criterion for selection of the nominees Deloitte representatives attended the sessions of the Jury in order to take account of respecting of CSR for transparency and impartiality The true motif for socially responsible behavior is personal ethics and people do best the things they believe in said Vesselin Simov Marketing and Sales Manager for the Bulgarian branch while accepting the award on behalf of Roca Bulgaria The prize was presented by Daniela Peeva Chairman of the Council of the Association of Directors for Relations with Investors in Bulgaria Roca Bulgaria won in the Customer Relations Ethics category with its strategic program for corporate social responsibility until the year 2020 which stresses mostly on customer and partner relations The company s showroom in Bulgaria Expo Bathroom Sofia functions as a design and cultural center where no commercial activities are undertaken but it presents an opportunity for customers to get acquainted with the latest trends in bathroom culture Expo Bathroom has a policy of

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  • News - Mr. Sergio Castro is the new Managing Director of Roca Bulgaria - Fayans
    The newly appointed Managing Director of Roca Bulgaria was born in 1971 in Bilbao Spain He completed his Degree in Economics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain one of the oldest universities in the world and in 2003 he received the title Specialist in Accounting and Auditing from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain In December 2001 Mr Castro joined the team of Laufen CZ Czech Republic as a

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  • News - First Winners In The 2008 Mysterious Buyer Campaign - Fayans
    brand to the end consumer have been won by For recommending the Fayans brand Fanya Todorova from HIKOVI Varna is awarded a voucher to the amount of 400 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Darina Stoykova from DJORDJI 22 Varna is awarded a voucher to the amount of 300 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Tanya Koleva from HITMARKET Sevlievo is awarded a voucher to the amount of 150 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain For recommending a new Fayans product Pertanka Radulova from KACHIKA Burgas is awarded a voucher to the amount of 300 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Yana Stefanova from HIKOVI Sliven is awarded a voucher to the amount of 200 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Stefka Mitreva from ZIT Asenovgrad is awarded a voucher to the amount of 100 BGN for making purchases in the Technomarket store chain Roca Bulgaria AD expresses its gratitude to the winners and wishes them much more professional success This year the traditional Fayans Mysterious Buyer Campaign started on May 7 and will continue until September During this period many stores for retail sale of sanitary porcelain are visited by mysterious buyers These are employees of Roca Bulgaria AD who play the role of potential clients in search of products for furnishing their bathrooms Roca Bulgaria AD provides numerous prizes for this campaign the only condition for success being to present to the clients the products of Fayans the B Free Vega Terma Nova Flamenco Neo and Classica series the Combo 1 and Combo 2 conceptual sets the Fayans acrylic bathtubs and shower trays the Fayans Eos Inix Rodas and Neo mixer series When apart from the already familiar products of the brand salesmen

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  • News - ROCA BULGARIA AD project was awarded a grant under the “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme - Fayans
    a project called KHAN KUBRAT An Integrated Programme for Qualification and Training of Employees in Roca Bulgaria AD The project duration is 16 months and it is worth 129 734 31 BGN It will be up to 70 granted by the European Social Fund through the Human Resources Development Operational Programme The KHAN KUBRAT Project includes integrated trainings for all levels of company employees and it aims to improve the effectiveness and labour productivity of workers administrative personnel and managers in long terms to optimize synchrony and team work at the different levels as well as to provide additional key competences and skills for the particular jobs and positions Courses in English and Information Technologies have been stipulated for a part of the trainees The integrated programme for qualification and training has also been aimed at increasing the employees motivation for a career development within the company A pilot experience for the company is to stimulate the development of workers in the production units who have provided good results in their work through offering them the opportunity to gain professional qualification after successful completion of theoretical and practical vocational training in the job Worker in Ceramic Production This training has

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  • News - ROCA BULGARIA wins FIRST PRIZE in the contest for Perfection in Safety and Security at Work - Fayans
    and Security at Work The contest was held for a second consecutive year and was organized by Perfect Consult a company specialized in the extremely important for Bulgaria and the whole European Union safe and secure work conditions as well as in labour relations All the companies which have accepted the challenge and the responsibility to take care for the health and safety of their workers and employees were invited to participate The criteria for participation were extremely strict and required integral and comprehensive activities in providing safety and security at work as well as mutual commitment of the company management in all those activities The participants were evaluated by a jury of experts with extensive professional experience in Safety and Security at work audits in Labour Inspection and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy ROCA BULGARIA participated for the first time in the prestigious contest The company competed in the 2 categories PERFECT COMPANY and PERFECT SPECIALIST as a large scale international company I FIRST PRIZE Perfect Company in Safety and Security at Work 2007 Large scale international company Golden Plate and a Certificate for ROCA BULGARIA AD II SECOND PRIZE Perfect Specialist in Safety and Security at Work 2007 Large scale international company Silver Medal and Certificate for Diana Gerova Safety and Security Specialist in ROCA BULGARIA AD III SPECIAL PRIZE Perfectly Engaged in Safety and Security at Work Manager Certificate for Yura Draganova Vladimirova Human Resources Manager in ROCA BULGARIA AD The first prize for ROCA BULGARIA is a major recognition for the persistent mutual work of the entire team of the company The safety and security at work policies and activities are major responsibility of every worker and employee of the company and of the whole company management According to Yura Draganova Human Resources Manager in

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/ROCA-BULGARIA-wins-FIRST-PRIZE-in-the-contest-for-Perfection-in-Safety-and-Security-at-Work/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.367/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - Roca Bulgaria has produced its 5th million sanitary porcelain piece - Fayans
    The market share of the company is more than 55 and its products are sold no more than a kilometer away from each Bulgarian town The products offered from the company under the brand Fayans include washbasins bathtubs shower trays toilet pans and mixers The plant of Roca Bulgaria s in Kaspichan is the largest in the Group on the Balkans with regard to the production capacity It employs more than 300 workers which renders the company the largest employer in the municipality The plant was constructed in 1919 Initially it produced faience tiles when following 1956 it specialized in the production of sanitary porcelain This tendency evolved when FAYANS became property in succession of the European Group Laufen in 1996 and then in 1999 of Roca Group Up to now the Spanish giant has invested in our country more than BGN 43 million It took only three years to construct FKS line for toilet pans washbasin casting shanks and new kilns Riedhammer Roca Group holds a world leading position in the manufacture of bathroom furnishing The company has trade representations in more than 120 countries its 2005 turnover amounts to 1 664 billion with 42 market share on a worldwide basis Annually more than 34 million products branded Roca are offered on the market Company s patent is the innovative designing approach More than 100 designers employed by the company create about 50 new solutions in the field of bathroom interior Each year the company allocates a minimum of 2 from its profit for design and technology development These investments allowed Roca to create products which bring not only comfort and beauty but also reduce the household expenses The furniture manufactured by the company is water and energy saving as well as quite easily maintained The style of the

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/Roca-Bulgaria-has-produced-its-5th-million-sanitary-porcelain-piece/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.366/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - Carlos Velazquez, Managing director of “Roca Bulgaria” AD with the President - Fayans
    Carlos Velazquez Managing director of Roca Bulgaria AD with the President 17 07 2006 The President of Bulgaria Mr Georgi Parvanov visited the town of Kaspichan last Saturday 15th July as part of his tour in the region connected with the voluntary youth brigades for conservation of the archeological reserves in the ancient capitals Pliska and Stari Preslav In the position of a Managing Director of Roca Bulgaria AD the biggest company in the Municipality Mr Carlos Velazquez and the rest of the Managing team assisted the visit of the President The program of the visit included also a short speech of Mr Parvanov in connection with the giving of 2 new cars to the local Police A sport feast was carried out on the town s stadium afterwards Besides the Governor of Shoumen Mr Krasimir Kostov and the Mayor of Kaspichan Mr Valeri Valkov other officials also took part in the organized activities Roca Bulgaria has supported economically the campaign of the President for reservation of the historical heritage and monuments of Bulgaria The company is in close cooperation with Shoumen District Government and the town of Kaspichan with regards to the maintenance and the preservation of the historical

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