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  • News - „FAYANS salesman of the year” from the campaign “Mysterious Buyer 2010” is Tsvetelina Staevska from Troyan - Fayans
    year also became clear The counterfoils from both stages of the campaign participated in that lottery The winning counterfoils were drawn out by the Roca Radio special guests that day the Executive Director of Roca Bulgaria Sergio Castro and Vesselin Simov Manager Marketing and Sales at Roca Bulgaria and of course by the host Niki Kanchev The awards from the second stage of the campaign vouchers from Technomarket stores went to Denitsa Genova from 1000 bathrooms store the town of Burgas receives voucher for 150 lv Diana Stefanova from Apostol Apostolov store the town of Sliven receives a voucher for 150 lv Hristina Ivanova from Deplan store the town of Burgas receives a voucher for 300 lv Nina Ngjiba from Siko S store the town of Sofia receives a voucher for 300 lv Dimitar Dimitrov from B Balev store the town of Harmanli receives a voucher for 400 lv Elena Nenkova from Siko S store the town of Sofia receives a voucher for 400 lv Fayans salesman of the year has become Tsvetelina Staevska from Viva store Troyan For being professional in presenting the Fayans products she received a Spa weekend for two at the five star Grand Hotel Dimiat

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  • News - Roca Bulgaria is the eco company of the year - Fayans
    face of established companies Roca Bulgaria won a prize for social responsibility towards the environment in the most difficult and responsible category of the prestigious competition in the newspaper Pari This award unless that means a lot to us is proof of consistency and coverage of high standards that Roca Bulgaria has pledged as corporate objectives We hope that next year we will win the prize Socially responsible company of the Year commented Sergio Castro managing director of the Bulgarian branch of the Spanish company The long term strategy of Roca Group and Roca Bulgaria for sustainable development the company s products that enable millions of consumers around the world to save water and energy every day the systems for monitoring and protecting the environment in the factory of the company the program Zero waste Enterprise zero waste the communication campaign Roca loves the planet the eco themes in Roca Radio and the support of various eco initiatives including Roca Forest and the active participation of all employees in the separate collection of waste in factory and offices show that Roca Bulgaria has undisputable evidence of activity towards the conservation of the environment In August this year Roca Bulgaria has

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  • News - Rocа Radio announced the winner of the "Mystery buyer" campaign - Fayans
    Dobrich from the retail center T Max Mr Zhelyazkov is winning spa weekend for two at Hotel Pirin in Sandanski Vouchers to the value of 400 Euro for purchases in Technomarket won Milen Kalnov from Stara Zagora from shop Omega and Yordanka Petkova from the city of Varna from retail center Kami Vouchers to the value of 300 Euro for purchases in Technomarket won Galina Kostadinova from Lom working for

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/Roca-Radio-announced-the-winner-of-the-Mystery-buyer-campaign/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.379/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - The first stage of the campaign "Mysterious buyer" finished - Fayans
    the names of the first six traders who win prizes in the campaign this year In the presence of the notary assistant George Tiholov who ensures the correctness of the raffle were drawn the names of the people who earn vouchers from Tehnomarket of the value of 400 lv 300 lv and 150 lv Lubomira Yordanova from Uspeh 2000 Sofia and Vilyana Obretenova from Aqualight Varna are awarded vouchers to the amount of 400 lv each Kristalina Kominkova from Bania lux Pomorie and Nelly Nalbantova from Ted invest Plovdiv are awarded vouchers to the amount of 300 lv each Teodora Popova from Nova F49 Kazanlak and Silvia Zlatarova from Dominant M Varna are awarded vouchers to the amount of 150 lv each According to the campaign rules the stores selling FAYANS products are visited by mysterious buyers during the campaign The buyers are employees of Roca Bulgaria AD who play the role of potential clients in search of products for furnishing their bathrooms Each store is visited several times in the course of the promotion by different mysterious buyers Each time the retailer had the opportunity to win a prize on the spot and participate in the competition for even

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/The-first-stage-of-the-campaign-Mysterious-buyer-finished/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.377/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - The FAYANS Mysterious Buyer Campaign 2009 Starts - Fayans
    until September 10th During this period the sanitary porcelain retail shops which sell the products of Roca Bulgaria s brand Fayans will be visited by the so called mysterious buyers These in fact will be employees of Roca Bulgaria AD who will play the role of potential clients searching for bathroom products The sellers and distributors of Fayans who pay special attention to the brand while advising the mysterious buyer

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/The-FAYANS-Mysterious-Buyer-Campaign-2009-Starts/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.376/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - Roca Bulgaria plants a forest near its factory in Kaspichan - Fayans
    the Roca factory in Kaspichan and in the presence of the representatives of the municipality of Kaspichan Roca Bulgaria has planted the first trees in their forest Over 50 enthusiastic employees of the company have taken part voluntarily in the initiative of two of their colleagues from the Environmental Protection and Quality Management department Evgenia Alexieva and Daniela Vassileva On an area of one decare they have given life to a grove of young ash trees The area has been prepared in advance and the planting has been done with the precious help and advice of the foresters of the Regional Forestry Each employee alone has provided for the necessary tools and Roca Bulgaria has provided the saplings and transport as well as other facilities necessary for planting So within a couple of hours at the foot of the Madara rocks over 400 trees have been planted The Roca employees have taken the grove to their hearts They will take good care of it in future so these young saplings can turn into the really strong forest of Roca Bulgaria a symbol of the unity among people in the company of love and responsible attitude towards the Nature On this

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/Roca-Bulgaria-plants-a-forest-near-its-factory-in-Kaspichan/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.375/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - Roca Bulgaria won a Project under the “Competitiveness” Operational Programme - Fayans
    Union This time the awarded project is part or the Program Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007 2013 Grant procedure BG161PO003 2 1 2 01 Achieving Compliance with Internationally Recognized Standards At the end of August 2008 all the awarded projects under the Grant Scheme were announced officially among them the Roca Bulgaria project On 2nd September 2008 the Grant Contract was signed The Elaboration and Introduction of an Environment Management System in Roca Bulgaria AD in accordance with ISO 14 001 2004 Standard for a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Company Development project is worth 198 170 BGN 50 of the total project amount will be financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Program The project implementation includes introducing of an Ecology Management System and its certification It will be integrated to the active Quality Management System in the company In order to achieve maximum compliance with the high criteria of the European and Bulgarian environment legislation the company will invest about 150 000 BGN for advanced equipment Part of the purchased equipment will add risk preventive functions to the factory pollution abatement facility Fully automated controlling and measurement devices will be purchased Due

    Original URL path: http://www.fayans.bg/News/Roca-Bulgaria-won-a-Project-under-the-Competitiveness-Operational-Programme/file.indexdetails.file/menu_id.120/elem_id.374/lang.2/ (2016-02-06)
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  • News - Official awarding of the Certificates for professional qualification “Worker in ceramic production” - Fayans
    THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND UNDER THE 2007 2013 OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT An official ceremony for giving out the Certificates for professional qualification Worker in ceramic production to workers of Roca Bulgaria took place on December 12 2008 Wednesday at 3 00 p m in the canteen of Roca factory in Kaspichan Sergio Castro the Managing Director of Roca Bulgaria opened the event 46 workers who have participated in the project called Khan Kubrat received their certificates after successfully passing the state exams in theory and practice of ceramic production The certificates were given out by the Governor of Shumen Mr Todor Todorov the Deputy Mayor of Kaspichan Municipality Mr Valentin Tonev the Headmaster of Professional High School for Chemical Technology and Design Mrs Marinova and by Sergio Castro Managing Director of Roca Bulgaria All workers have passed the complete training course within the Khan Kubrat project The total amount of the Project adds up to BGN 129 734 31 Khan Kubrat project was co financed by the EU through the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development The project is an integrated programme for qualification and education of Roca Bulgaria employees The first

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